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My name is Nick Ortiz, and I’m a 31-year-old Recording Artist & Music Producer from Midwest City, Oklahoma, USA. In the past years, I've worked with several local artists, while more recently, I've begun to sell my beats to artists worldwide. Currently, I'm looking to work with other artists, labels, and companies.

My music has also been featured on FlashFlashRevolution, Anno Domini Beats, Indaba Music (, ReverbNation, and more soon (fingers crossed).

Besides making beats, I’m also a songwriter and rap recording artist. And I’m involved in several startup companies as a marketing consultant.

"My passion is to create songs and music that spur the minds of listeners, artists, and producers around the globe."

What once started as a small business operating from a bedroom studio quickly evolved into a business, operating on a global scale. This allowed me to dedicate my life to making music and helping inspire people from around the globe.

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I love Dark Trap... ❤️

I’ve always loved dark music and I continue to use this as my main inspiration when I’m making music.

The sound of my music could be best described as a mixture of alternative hip-hop with hard dark trap influences. Yet, unique and original in each and every way.

Over the years, I’ve become known for producing these types of dark trap tracks and I’m grateful to see how many artists are still into this music.

I've dedicated an entire section to dark trap beats, solely providing tracks that are inspired by dark artists, dark strings, and dark piano music.

Chaotic Sounds (music)


Whenever I’m not in the studio, you can probably find me on stage or online rapping as Chaotic Sounds. For the past 2 years, I’ve been creating songs and releasing them as "Chaotic Sounds".

My musical journey began back in 2005 as a hobby for many years and more recently has become my career & music business.

I’m responsible for all aspects of Chaotic Sounds' music which include:

songwriting, performing, recording, composing, producing, editing, arrangments, mixing, mastering, visuals, merch, and marketing.

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