\"Boundaries\" - lyrics & review


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"Boundaries" by Chaotic Sounds is an empowering song about setting and respecting boundaries in one's relationships. The lyrics speak to the need for self-care and protection from toxic and draining relationships, and the importance of standing up for oneself.

The first verse sets the tone for the song, with the singer expressing that they no longer miss the people they've kicked out of their life, and that they're done with those who treat them poorly. The singer makes it clear that they're done with giving chances to those who don't treat them with respect.

The chorus, "I set my boundaries, respect my boundaries" is a powerful statement and serves as a reminder to others that the singer is in charge of their own life and happiness.

The second verse goes deeper into the singer's personal journey, where they explain that they used to have a hard time setting boundaries, but now they understand the importance of self-care and protecting themselves. The lyrics "when they love and care in a similar way" speak to the importance of surrounding oneself with positive and supportive relationships.

Overall, "Boundaries" is a song that encourages listeners to take control of their own lives and to surround themselves with people who respect and support them. It encourages listeners to set boundaries and to not accept mistreatment from others. It's a powerful anthem for self-care, self-love and self-respect.


VERSE 1 [Chaotic Sounds]
A lot of people gone wow, I don't really miss anybody I kick them all out.
Talking about the many clowns around a long while, secretly stepping on me, eventually they'll fallout.
Too many chances to treat me right on account they would change for the better. I allowed
them to stay. Those mistakes I made. Phenomenon down. I got to pick myself up, get them off now.

I know a better way let me say... actually I better say it anyway.
Pushing my buttons will get you nothing from me from same as it is any day. Pay me attention,I'm making this clear to everybody!

These are five frames I don't play about: time energy gauge,
mental, emotional, physical states, and last my material things.

CHORUS [Chaotic Sounds]
I set my boundaries, respect my boundaries
I set my boundaries, don't step my boundaries

VERSE 2 [Chaotic Sounds]
Use to have the hardest time setting any boundaries. Family narcissists disrespect me proudly.
Grew up in the darkness didn't wan't people around me. Really to be honest I was living really lousy.
Now I see the parts I need to fix that might help. A lot of trauma that I harness get's me sick and not well.
That's why I started my mission to heal. Regarding the best for my health, guarding protecting myself,

And all that I love and care for, when they love and care in a similar way

I don't want to feel violated from behavior that's bad from past friends with a sinister face,

or anybody who belittles so much of my self worth. I know my own standards administer strength

to accept and be okay that the ones not here anymore bringing me down, make bigger space for better people.

CHORUS [Chaotic Sounds]
I set my boundaries, respect my boundaries
I set my boundaries, don't step my boundaries